Karaha, the Eastern Continent



Each year in the spring, the Peisani fleet sets its sights on an region at the furthest edges of their charts, deeper into the Sea of Storms than they ever otherwise venture, called the Cardenne Cap. The Cap is the spawning ground of white fish, and the spring marks the end of their migration, when fisheries are teeming. Though the Sea of Storms is dangerous, any captain whose ship and crew can weather the summer squalls on the Cap will make his entire season in just a few weeks.

Approximately 150 years ago, as usual, the fleet set sail for the Cardenne Cap in the spring. After an uncharacteristically calm voyage through the outer edges of the Sea of Storms, the captain arrived at the Cap to discover land where, the previous season, there had been only open ocean. Perplexed, dozens of captains and crew checked and double-checked their charts and sextants, confirming the strange phenomenon: it was as if islands had risen out of the water.

The fleet immediately sent its fastest ships back to Peisa, where an expeditionary force was quickly assembled. By the end of summer, the Peisani had made landfall in the Windjammer Isles. Within a couple years, guided by hadozee excited by the strange Peisani ships, the Isles were charted and Karaha, the Eastern Continent, became part of every captain’s charts.


Within a few years, explorers from Khadera and even Sunetos sought fortunes in Karaha. It didn’t take long for them to discover a strange substance known as Residuum lying in the beds of Karaha’s freshwater rivers. Originally viewed as a type of gem, it wasn’t terribly long before the magical properties of Residuum were studied and understood. Though it would take decades to develop applications for Residuum, the demand for the alien substance skyrocketed, spawning the colonization of Karaha by the Westerners.

The major threat to colonization in Karaha was—and remains to this day—the savage sahuagin. Before they could establish permanent settlements and ports, the Westerners had to clear the shores of the bloodthirsty, malevolent natives. Fortunately, they found no shortage of allies in their quest, for the aventi, darfellan and hadozee proved capable partners in what became known as The Sahuagin Campaigns.

The Campaigns not only secured Karaha for settlement, it also build a foundation of trust between the Westerners and the civilized natives of Karaha. This set the stage for more than a century of peaceful cooperation with the aventi, darfellan, and hadozee peoples.


The coastline of Karaha is dotted with settlements, ranging from small fishing villages to large cities. The major ports and hubs of trade and culture on the continent are the three colonial ports, Fiddler’s Green, Teon, and Riverrun, which are independent protectorates of Peisa and Khadera. In addition, the free port of Port Liberty in the Windjammer Isles is the hub of trade in the Windjammers, the home to many pirates, and the destination of many illicit cargoes and ill-gotten gains.

Karaha, the Eastern Continent

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