Darfellan History

For centuries, the darfellan were a peaceful, relatively primitive hunter-gatherer tribal society which lived happily on the coastline of Karaha. They operated small hunting and fishing boats and took great pride their mastery of the seas, even inviting outsiders such as Hadozee to join in their explorations and hunting expeditions. For a society that prided itself so much on its martial power, the various darfellan tribes that dotted the coastline made for perfectly genial neighbors to hadozee, sahuagin, and even more primitive species on Karaha’s coasts.

The Butchery

About 250 years ago, sensing the imminent return of the aventi to the surface from their curse to the depths, the sahuagin began to grow restless. A vicious and vile race, the sahuagin recognized the intelligence and good-nature of their darfellan neighbors, and feared their tribes would ally with the aventi, who would surely rise from the depths seeking revenge on the sahuagin. Though sahuagin are hardly a unified or organized race, their war bands can coordinate their actions to some effect, and when the lashed out at their darfellan neighbors, it was blindsiding.

Unlike the sahuagin, darfellan tribes are small and insular groups that have little affinity for or communication with each other. When the sahuagin attacks started, few darfellan tribes thought to warn others, and even fewer had a way to effectively spread the word. Caught unprepared and lacking experience in sustained warfare, the darfellan were quickly outnumbered and overrun. Rather than mount a defense from a consolidated position, the darfellan tribes scattered.

Over the course of a century, in what has become known as The Butchery to darfellan survivors, the sahuagin ruthlessly hunted the darfellan survivors. Many tribes were completely exterminated and many family lines extinguished. Those who avoided the sahuagin isolated themselves on remote spits of land, or became nomadic, wandering Karaha and struggling to stay a step ahead of their sahuagin pursuers. No matter how he endured, though, every darfellan eventually turned his focus from survival to a new goal: revenge.


The rise of the aventi, along with the arrival of the Western explorers shortly thereafter, ended the Butchery. Quick to recognize the opportunity for revenge, darfellan came from near and far to join the aventi, hadozee, and Western races in The Sahuagin Campaigns. Though the number of darfellan was comparatively small, once organized by more experienced military tacticians, their instinctive, brutal fighting styles and seething rage were harnessed to greater effect than they could manage during The Butchery. Tales of darfellan valor spread quickly through the outposts and encampments, as the race of hunters finally began to avenge the genocide committed against their innocent ancestors.

Darfellan History

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