The Western Continent


The Western Continent exists in a state of perpetual conflict. Dozens of noble houses stake claims to small territories they can scarcely defend, and most kingdoms crumble within a decade or two, either from a rival house defeating them in battle, or economic collapse.

However, in the last 4-500 years, four major houses emerged from the squabble, able to amass enough wealth, arms, and loyalty to forge stable kingdoms: the skilled horsemen of the Kingdom of Al’Hesin in the north, the sorcerors of Khadera in the northeast, the seafaring merchants of Peisa in the east, and the valiant knights of Sunetos in the south.

The central continent, in constant flux, is known as the Disputed Lands, and consists of hundreds of small, overlapping territories claimed by one group or another at any given point in history. The western shore of the continent is a rocky, uninhabitable coast which rises sharply to the Wyverntooth Peaks, a thousand-mile mountain range within which the independent Dwarven Clans reside. The northern half of the continent is dominated by the Savage March, separated from Al’Hasin by the Jagged Teeth range, where barbarian hordes and orcish tribes live on plains in the south that give way to scrublands and eventually deserts in the north.

The Western Continent

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