Hadozee History

The hadozee are native to the jungles and rainforests of Karaha, the Eastern Continent, where they live in loosely organized family groups called tree tribes high in the canopy. Though the tree tribes are very primitive, hadozee are a very intelligent and curious race, so when they met the aventi (then, still a land-dwelling society) and darfellan, many hadozee left their tree tribes to join aventi society and their fascinating tall ships, or darfellan society and their exploratory hunting parties.

Over time, the hadozee population shifted, and more hadozee lived in communities amongst other races than lived in the trees. Hadozee were especially welcomed by the aventi, where they became known for their skill as sailors, but a number became renowned as legendary hunters by the darfellan.

The Sinking

When Aventus was sunk by the treacherous goddess Shargon, many hadozee perished, for they were not granted protection by Besmara. Not normally a particularly unified society, this deeply shook the hadozee, and many survivors returned to the forests and the safety of the tree tribes. As the sahuagin began to take over more and more coastline, hadozee became a rarer sight on the coasts of Karaha, though a few did remain with the darfellan.


By the discovery of Karaha, very few hadozee lived outside of the tree tribes. Between the disappearance if the aventi, the genocide of the darfellan, and the general expansion of the sahuagin, only the forest canopies remained safe for hadozee. However, their innate curiosity was again awoken when outsiders arrived on their complicated tall ships, and the hadozee in the Windjammer Isles were some of the first natives to join the merchant crews of Peisa.


Once again, the vast majority of hadozee live in communities amongst the other races on Karaha, with only a few tree tribes remaining. They are a regular sight in the docks and shipyards of ports, and are popular amongst merchant crews. Hadozee are the only race from Karaha that have communities on the Western Continent, primarily in the Peisani ports.

Hadozee History

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