Character Creation

Character Concept and Personal History

There’s a lot of leeway for character concepts and history. Just about any idea can be incorporated into the setting. The only firm requirement is that, within the week prior to the opening session, each character signed up to join the pirate crew of The Ironclad Alibi under the command of the human Captain Caderrak and his half-elf first mate Sutheby.

With that in mind, these are some of the important decision points in character creation:

  • Is he/she from the Western Continent (the Old Kingdoms), or from the eastern continent, Karaha (the New World)?
  • Why has he/she decided to join a pirate crew?
  • Where did he/she sign on with the Alibi? If he sought the pirate life, he probably joined in Port Liberty. If he was pressed into the pirate life, it could have been anywhere on the Bay of Besmara.
  • Did you know any of the other characters prior to joining the Alibi?

Note: Members of the aquan races (Aventi, Darfellan, Aquatic Half-Elves) are native to Karaha, but since ships have traveled regularly between the continents for ~125 years, it’s uncommon but not unheard of for aquans to be born in the west. are native to the Western Continent. Members of other races (including Seacliff Dwarves, Wavecrest Gnomes, and Shoal Halflings) are native to the Western Continent, but have settled both continents for the past century, and—dependent on age—are equally likely to have been born on either continent. Characters over the age of 125 must be born in their native continent.


0. Starting Level

All characters start at Level 4.

1. Ability Scores

Select ability scores using 30 point point-buy system on Page 1 of Creating a Character

2. Races

The list of permitted races, as well as descriptions of new races and subraces, can be found on the Races page.

Note: no drow, kender, or tieflings. Seriously, fuck kender.

3. Classes

The following classes are restricted from use unless there’s a very compelling roleplaying justification which I cannot foresee:

  • Paladin

4. Backgrounds

Players may choose any background from the playtest packet, the Backgrounds page, or create their own based on the rules on page 2 of Backgrounds. Edits within the guidelines on page 2 are acceptable.

6. Equipment

Characters start with 825 gold pieces plus 175 gold pieces of non-magical equipment from their background, for a total of 1,000 gp to purchase starting equipment.

Note: Characters may replace the equipment of published backgrounds with 175 gp of non-magical equipment as desired.

7. Hit Points

Characters receive max HP at first level. Characters receive static (average rounded up) HP listed in Classes.

Bonus Feat:

All characters receive a bonus feat at first level.

Bonus Skills:

Choose two bonus skill proficiencies from the following list:

Character Creation

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